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Interactive Map: Violations of human rights in the OPT (July - Dec 2011)


Annexation Wall:

Completed icon
Projected icon
Under construction icon


Settlements icon
Outposts icon
Settler cultivated land icon
Israeli military bases icon


Area A icon
Area B icon
Checkpoints icon


West Bank
(1967 Green Line)
Gaza Strip icon
Jordan icon
Israel icon
Major Towns/Cities icon

Design: Tom Palmer

Violations data: Al-Haq's Monitoring and Documentation Department

Geographical data: OCHA OPT

Date: March 2012


Israeli Occupying Power:

Killing icon
Targeted killing icon
Excessive use of force icon
Demolition icon
Arbitrary Assault icon
Arbitrary Arrest icon
Settler Violence icon
Freedom of movement icon
Residence denial icon
Freedom of association icon

Palestinian authorities:

Killing icon
Arbitrary arrest icon
Arbitrary detention icon
Treatment of prisoners icon
Destruction of property icon
Freedom of expression icon
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