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Interactive Map: Violence against weekly protests

Since construction of the Annexation Wall began in the West Bank in 2002, grassroots non-violent protests have commenced in villages where land is being appropriated. These movements, referred to as popular committees, are a reflection of the growing willingness by Palestinian communities who have witnessed the steady annexation of their land – initially by settlements and more recently by the Wall – to demand their rights.

Demonstrations against the Wall and settlement expansion are met with an intense campaign of violence, intimidation and arrests by Israeli occupying forces. Over the past two years, Israeli authorities have intensified efforts to suppress protests, as evidenced through the increased use of violence against protesters, reckless and excessive use of weapons, and tactics that punish residents of towns and villages where protests are held.

Click on the icons to get more information about each protest. Tick the checkboxes down the right hand side to add more layers and features to the map. More information will also appear when the features are clicked.


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Annexation Wall:

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West Bank
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Design: Tom Palmer

Violations data: Al-Haq's Monitoring and Documentation Department

Geographical data: OCHA OPT

Date: December 2011

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