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Interactive Map: Escalation of settler violence

At the beginning of September there was an alarming increase in violent attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians living in the West Bank. This map displays incidents of settler violence that have occured in the West Bank between 5th September and 21st October, according to investigations by Al-Haq's field researchers. This is not a comprehensive account of settler violence in the West Bank during this time. However, it is representative of the nature and geopraphical location of the majority of incidents.

Click on the icons to get more information about each incident. Tick the checkboxes down the right hand side to add more layers and features to the map.

Settler Attacks:

Physical Assault icon
Property damage icon
Stone-throwing icon
Intimidation icon
Photos only icon
Recent serious incidents icon


Settlements icon
Outposts icon
Settler cultivated land icon
Israeli military bases icon


Area A icon
Area B icon
Checkpoints icon
Major Towns/Cities icon

Annexation Wall:

Completed icon
Projected icon
Under construction icon


West Bank
(1967 Green Line)
Gaza Strip icon
Jordan icon
Israel icon

Design: Tom Palmer

Violations data: Al-Haq's Monitoring and Documentation Department

Geographical data: OCHA OPT

Date: September 2011

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