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Interactive Map: Water in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Water Demolitions:

(2009-11) More info
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Annexation Wall:

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More info

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Oslo Accords:

More info
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West Bank
(1967 Green Line)
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Demolitions data: Al-Haq/Displacement Working Group

Water scarcity data: The raw data on Water Scarcity 2011 is provided through UNICEF/WASH Cluster and OCHA; however none of these organisations are responsible for the depiction or analysis of the data made by a third party

Geographical data: OCHA OPT

Date: March 2012

Water allocation comparison:

Al-Hadidiyya vs settlement
Al-Auja vs settlement
Al-Zubeidat vs settlement
More info: West Bank Gaza Strip

Communities at risk:

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Impact of settlers:

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Water sources:

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More info:

The Right To Water

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